Doutoramento en Creación e Investigación en Arte Contemporánea


Artistic creation is a knowledge-generating activity, with its own methodological requirements that cater to artistic production, analysis and interpretation, combining creation and research.

The integration of the artistic production in the cultural context is what allows a symbolic capacities regeneration, as well as the permanent reworking of the aesthetic parameters that constitute it, contributing and influencing the way of perceiving, feeling and conceptualizing the values that govern a society.

The social contexts in the third culture imply a much more systemic interrelationship. This requires the incorporation into our cultural context of highly responsible and creative subjects with a great capacity for environment analysis.

Artistic teaching and research should be understood as interdisciplinary activities that compromise the perceptual, emotional and conceptual resources incumbent on the citizen, seeking a greater and better cultural level, an integration into contexts, and a responsible knowledge to contribute to the enrichment of cultural heritage and its transmission.

In this new context, the profile of the artist as professional or researcher, integrated in interdisciplinary teams, is set to become one of the most sound career prospects.